You may not know it, but there are different technologies whose objective is to accompany you in the development process of your website. From site hosting, to webdesign, online training or software (free and paid), an impressive number of tools are at your disposal to allow you to launch – and manage after this famous launch! your website in the best possible conditions.

We have concocted a few articles for you that are particularly interested in free software, which has already been – for a few years now – a fad in the communities of beginner website creators. The first will focus on the four big known players in (free) website creation (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Jahia), the other two will focus a little more on WordPress and Drupal.

The advantages of using free software to create your website

The (almost) free service

It goes without saying that the 0 € spent argument is an irresistible asset. If we do not count the time spent on the platform and the few small surprises in terms of costs: personalized domain name, hosting without advertising, buying a more professional theme, creating a website with such software is indeed an interesting solution. It remains very affordable financially and technically. Especially since, in general, these additional services which make it possible to have a more credible site are proposed without engagement.

Discovering the functionalities of a website

You admit you’re not an experienced webmaster! Nevertheless, whether you are totally new to the web or rather smart, the manipulation of a free software will certainly bring you a plus, for you personally, but also for your project.

Indeed, by pushing your curiosity a little on these tools reputed simple and intuitive, you will be able to understand the basic principles of the creation and operation of a Web site. You are discovering a universe that you were unaware of until now, and this will undoubtedly help you to obtain other avenues of reflection to refine your project.

Manage the visual of your website

All site creation software offers a panoply of themes in the air of the time, free or paid, among which it is more than likely to find the one that meets all the visual criteria you had imagined. Even better, you can customize themes to your liking with a few clicks. There is also the possibility to create from an empty page. It is a solution that takes time and the result is not certain! Think about it before you start.

A site that is sure to reflect your image

These tools offer a maximum of autonomy to add a gallery, a video, text, modify an image, etc. Those who often change their mind, who prefer to test several formats, who tend to regularly edit the look of the site or its features, will be able to make all the changes they want in real time without asking anyone. This is a significant advantage of free site creation software.

First approach to webmarketing

Beyond the technical and design aspect of creating a site on a platform, there is now a large part that concerns communication and digital advertising that you will discover. Thanks to this experience, you will have more knowledge, provided you are at least curious, on SEO, natural referencing, sponsored links, etc.. These are probably your first steps in webmarketing, but this will be very useful for promoting your business via the internet.

Getting started on creating your free website: what you need to know

A time consuming process

Unless you come across the perfect theme that just needs your company name and colors, this site creation solution may take longer than you think. If this is a first, you will first need enough time to familiarize yourself with your publisher. Then, it will still take a lot of patience, because once launched, you can’t predict when the adventure will be over. Just keep in mind that this process, depending on the complexity of the site, your availability and your assimilation capacity, will take between a few days and several weeks.

However, it should be noted that free site creation software is becoming more and more ergonomic. Compared to their beginning, the time to devote has already been considerably reduced. What has changed is the multiplicity of themes and features available. The wider the choice, the longer it will take you to install, test, remove, and so on.

Some computer knowledge is welcome

All site creation platforms brandish the idea that creating your own site requires no programming knowledge. That’s true! But know that there will always be a gap in quality and speed, between a true beginner and a person who has an advanced level even if the tools are very intuitive at first. To obtain a professional result in a reasonable time, it is better to have some computer skills.

The creation of Internet site remains a trade with whole share

The knowledge and mastery of the tricks of the trade, those that make the difference between a professional and an amateur, are also valid in the field of website creation. When you’re in control, the natural tendency is to do something you like. However, what seems sympathetic to you may not be the best way to increase visits to the site and encourage sales. Precisely, the web agency has enough expertise to ensure the effectiveness of a site in terms of conversion.

When you create your site yourself, one of the risks is to get lost in relation to the real objective. It is at times like these that professional assistance is welcome. These valuable tips and observations will help you correct and perfect your site.

Comparison of free website creation software

The four free software that are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Jahia are perfect for beginners who want to try creating websites. They all allow you to customize the design and layout of the elements on your pages. All fast and easy to manage the content you put online. They each have very specific characteristics: some software is more intended for a more e-commerce use, while others may be suitable for other projects. Some will be optimized for mobile media and search engines, while others will not. We have made a brief description of the features of each, if you want to know more!

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject: software comparison

WordPress : our opinion

WordPress, the free content management software absolutely essential for website creation! The proof: it is n°1 in the matter. It is a very complete software, easy to use for beginners with no experience in the web. Indeed, no need for strong computer knowledge and technical skills. Moreover, the website is easily customizable for a very aesthetic and professional result, while offering excellent performance.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject: our opinion

Drupal: our opinion

Drupal is a close relative of WordPress, a free software less known, but which however has its merits. Although rather intended for the field of e-commerce to create an online store, it can also help you in the creation of websites. With Drupal, customization, intuitive interface, performance and ease of use (even for beginners without any experience and technical knowledge in webdesign) are there!

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject: our opinion. We also wrote another article describing other free website design software: Wix, Weebly, Jimbo, 1&1 and webnode.



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