At the moment, in order for your commercial activity to be as healthy as possible, it is necessary to have a showcase site. This is an excellent complementary tool, but nevertheless necessary, which will allow you to boost your sales and thus increase your turnover. This is part of a strategic logic where each element complements the other. It is thus necessary for you to include in this plan a work on the search engine optimization as well as a presence on the social networks for example.

How to boost your business through your showcase site?

As a reminder, what is a showcase site?

The showcase site is one of the different types of professional sites that a company could have. Unlike an e-commerce site, a showcase site is a website whose objective is neither to sell nor to generate turnover directly.

Its role is to present information about a company, its products and services.

And as its name indicates, a showcase site allows to have a presence on the web.

A simple “business card” site is no longer enough

In real life, having a window, as beautiful as it is, is no longer enough to attract customers! It simply exposes your sign and your products without new people being interested. Yet the competition is tough, and shops are growing like hotcakes in your area.

Similarly, a “business card” site is a site that contains only the bare minimum of information about your activity, it is just to show that you exist “virtually”.


Thus, it only attracts people who already know your company and your services without being able to conquer other potential customers online. Potential customers are people who don’t know your business, let alone your products and services, people who know you without being convinced by your offers, and people who don’t know they need what you sell or what you offer as a service. Therefore, it is a loss of investment.

First, it’s the race to the one that appears first in search engines, otherwise, it’s a lost cause! Once Internet users arrive on your website and discover that it is only a “business card” online, without any relevant information that would make him choose your company and not another, it becomes a real mess.

Boost sales through its website showcase – 5 tips

1. Take care of the design

The showcase site, which can be summed up as a virtual business card or three sections, is no longer up to date. With some very concrete actions, you will be able to make it a propeller of your activity.

First, owning a showcase site is an asset, but if it doesn’t look professional and convincing at first glance, your prospects will doubt your credibility, and ultimately the site will become a liability. Realize a responsive webdesign, with a beautiful intuitive graphic charter. To do so, do not hesitate to call on a graphic designer.


Tell yourself that Internet users are very sensitive to appearance! This is the reason why it is necessary to take care above all of the visual, the design of the site, to be able to cross the superior stage which is the conquest of customers. Remember that what you show reflects your image. Starting with an attractive color that is consistent with your business. Make sure the design is unique and rewarding. You can add illustrations, beautiful photos.

The layout of your site also needs to be well thought out. Beware of the “draft” site! The user must not get lost on your pages and between your different sections to find information. The DIY showcase site is possible, but it would be much better to call upon a professional who has proven knowledge in programming, able to offer you a tailor-made and professional result.

2. Creating content: giving advice

An excellent way to generate traffic on your site as well as your other media representatives your business is to give advice to your target via your website showcase.

By writing articles relevant to your target audience, you will attract that much sought-after audience and traffic.

From there a logical phenomenon will occur: your target will become aware of the existence of your brand and, when the need for one of your products is felt, these same people will go either to your stores, or to your e-commerce sites for example.

In any case, they will call on you for what they need, which you can offer them. This will boost your sales and therefore your turnover, but also the reputation of your company which will emerge victorious.

3. Think about search engine optimization

For your site to be seen and therefore consulted, it is necessary that the user can find it somewhere. Your showcase site can help you in this task! Indeed, among the various means to make known your site, the best technique is still the natural referencing.

In order to be well referenced in Google results, it is necessary to have a good SEO. This is done on a day-to-day basis by creating quality content.

The investment may seem huge for what appears to be a low ROI, but it is not. Indeed, despite the significant investment of time and energy that this implies, the returns will be over the long term and you will be able to observe long-term impacting results, unlike an advertising campaign which is of short duration.

4. Focus on interactivity

To make your showcase site profitable, it is essential to enrich it by using interactivity. An effective module like a blog, periodically updated, makes it easy to meet the needs of visitors through exchanges that can take place in comments.

The practical and much appreciated chat solution allows a quick exchange. However, this requires being present. A chat where no one is answering is not very professional either!


And one obviously very effective trend is to be active on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.. This results in the regular publication of subjects, images or others in order to gain a maximum of contacts and followers. The real objective is, of course, to expand your network and your clientele.

Also note that the more visitors like your website, the more they visit it and the more they talk about it. The more word-of-mouth works, the more your notoriety will increase, and therefore, the more your sales will also increase. It is therefore not only necessary to generate traffic on your site and other media, but it is also important to think in terms of ergonomics so that the visitor feels comfortable there.

5. Clearly indicate means of contact

If there are basic information to highlight well, these are the means to reach you.

Now that the visitor has found your site attractive, invite him to take the next step: contact you or come see you.

It is recommended to offer at least 2 means of contact easy to find on the site, practical and clear. Examples are a postal address, an e-mail address or a telephone number.

To go further…

6. Integrate a newsletter into your showcase site

In the newsletter concept, both your company and the user who subscribes to it by giving his e-mail are supposed to find each one his advantage.

avantages site vitrine newsletter

For you, this is an opportunity to add a new email address to your list of customers or potential customers. You will thus have:

  • the ability to communicate with your valued subscribers,
  • an additional way to encourage them to use your services or buy your products, etc.
  • more traffic on the site as soon as a new article appears

For the visitor, it is thus the possibility of being regularly informed about topics, advice or offers from your company.

However, how do you convince him to register and give you his address? A gift, a bonus, a small privilege, there is only that to soften an Internet user. But it is generally a profitable investment. As for the next step, when you create your newsletters, propose careful content. Avoid repeating the sale of your products or services. The key is to strengthen your relationship with each subscriber by sharing your advice and ideas about your business for free. Little by little, he will be interested and convinced by your work. He will naturally end up calling on your company. For the rate, one newsletter per week is sufficient.


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