Marketers are at the helm of a company’s growth. They steer the brand’s creativity, evolution and growth in the right direction.

With the advent of revolution in the marketing industry, marketers, freshers and experienced alike, are facing more and more challenges today. From distinguishing talented individuals from a pool of job applications to finding the right technology for their needs, the challenges are varied and never-ending.

Are you a seasoned marketer?

Or are you barely getting started?

Or maybe you were simply gripped by curiosity about the marketing world, that led you here?

If you have anything to do with the marketing field, you would already know that marketing individuals bear the pressure from all the directions. From executives. Other marketers. Salesperson. And yes, from the customers as well.

As a result, various problems emanate from every direction. Sometimes, the monotonous routine of tactical work puts the marketers in the danger of losing their creativity, innovation and strategy.

Here, I have outlined the biggest challenges that every marketer faces, or is bound to face in the length of their career.

1.Generating Traffic And Leads

Creating enough demand for your product is the most imperative thing and one of the most challenging one. As the competition stiffens, marketers are bound to struggle even more.

Apart from the competition, the fact that there are so many platforms for marketers to acquire their leads, is leading to a messy and chaotic situation. It has become hard to discern where to focus your efforts.

From blogging to social media marketing to demand generation, there’s a lot to do. This is why today we are witnessing a rise in marketing agencies.

Firstly, analyse closely whether the content you are using to attract a lead is even engaging or not? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and now ask yourself, “Is this content helpful for your target audience?”

If the answer comes up an unfaltering “NO”, then you know where you’re going wrong.

Promotion of the product works only when you’re providing the type of content that your target audience cares about. Therefore, if you want to generate more traffic and accelerate your lead generation process, first start by looking at what you’re saying to whom and when and using what platform.

2.Customer Expectations

Times are changing and so are the expectations of the customers.

With a deluge of technology, smartphones, Artificial Intelligence, customers are seeking a more personalised and interactive experience.

With a broad internet accessibility, consumers have 24/7 access to every information, at their fingertips. In this era of technology, consumers gather an abundant amount of information about the product before actually making up their mind.

Furthermore, your target customers are likely to be aware of every marketing tactic that you use, so deception and persuasion are out of question here.

To live up to the customer’s expectations marketers need to conflate upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence with their marketing strategies.

The prospect is relentlessly running after a quick response. If you fail to respond, your competitors will. If your brand will fail to deliver, they are bound to notice. And one word of acrimony can impinge very badly on your brand.

When I talk about personalised and swift response, this one example always comes to my mind.

When I was skimming down my Twitter Feed, I was enthralled by a wonderful pair of sunglasses by Jimmy Choo. Therefore, I immediately commented asking about the in-store availability.

And much to my surprise, it didn’t take them a minute to reply. There sat their reply in my inbox.

When marketers showers this type of personal attention on their customers the only will they able to live up to the constantly increasing customer expectations. With new technology and solutions, it’s now easy for marketers to deliver this type of experience to the customer.

3. Inconsistent Or Mitigating ROI

Out of all the challenges that marketers face daily, the worst of them all is —GROWTH or lack thereof. And the growth of an enterprise or an organisation is directly proportional to the ROI.

Imagine splurging a generous amount of money, resources and time and coming up empty handed or not getting your due in return?

Yes, this is exactly how a low ROI rattles.

Return on investment (ROI), is basically an eponymous for “return”. It is a performance measure for the profit mustered after making an investment.

39% of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge.

Now, one can only imagine how a dwindling or inconsistent ROI can impinge on a company’s growth.

You can’t apply an ointment without perceiving the extent of the wound. Therefore, the first and foremost step to overcome a challenge is to recognise where the problem actually lies.

Monitor your ROI on regular basis to analyse where you are going wrong.

Now that you know what the problem is, along with a credible, competitive team, you can work your way out of this problem.

4. A Deluge Of Data

This is something that marketers often talk about. The amount of information about the customers and their choice is massive, and it is only expanding. It is becoming more and more difficult for the marketers to tackle the deluge of data.

While it may sound like an advantage to have a ginormous amount of data about your customers, it sometimes becomes overwhelming for marketers. Moreover, marketers are unprepared to tackle this.

The solution to overcoming this is to filter out unproductive data. How will the marketers do this? 

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Marketers can collaborate with Data Scientists who can show them how to access the right data and eliminate the redundant, obtuse and archaic data files.

Once the marketers unlock the actionable and useful data, they can begin to take proactive steps towards innovative and creative ideas.

As a result, they will be able to live up to, both the customer’s and the executive’s expectations.

5. Managing The Website

Yes, something that might seem so easy an actually turns out to be a pesky challenge. Creating a wonderful website is the most imperative asset that attracts the clients. In fact, more and more prospects flock to your website if it innovative, actionable and serve their purpose.

You are probably wondering that when it sounds so simple, why is it a challenge?

Actually, different marketers struggle with different factors. Some are grappling with designing beautiful pages while some strive to create optimised content to generate traffic and leads.

The solution is not far behind. If you don’t have access to in-house talent then you can always avail the services of freelancers.

Here’s how you can manage your website to drive massive sales:

Do you know that 98% of website visitors do not contact the site owner!  But fret not, there are many things you can do to make your website more optimised and vastly more effective.

1. Make The Visitors Realise Why You Are A Better Option

You’d think that this much is obvious, like “Obviously, companies leave no stone unturned in making it known why they are the best”. But, you’d be surprised how many websites are filled with “vague” and brief summaries of what the company does. It doesn’t really serve any purpose, in fact, it hurts your conversion chances even more. Because it comes across as nothing but idle boasting.

Make sure that your website clearly states at least 5 top reasons why people should do business with your company. But stating the reasons is not nearly enough, you have to be clear why these reasons matter to your prospects. Unless you do something about this, your visitors will not think twice before moving onto the next website.

2.Increase The Content On Your Website

Once the great advertiser David Ogilvy said, “The more you tell the more you sell”. The point is to give out as much relevant information as you can to keep the visitors bound to your website. Tell them about – how is your product made? What is your work culture like? And so on.

3.Your Main Motto Is To “Get Their Email Address”

If site visitors are not contacting you then you have to pick up the baton yourself to extract their contact information before they leave.

How will you do that? It’s actually easier than you think!

All you have to do is to offer something in return. It can be anything of value – discount offers, guides, ebooks, newsletter and more.


So, the challenges are abundant, but then so are the solutions. If the marketers look closely, collects some facts and data and then goes about solving the problems, there’s no way they won’t be able to overcome the challenges.

If you are facing the similar roadblocks, then no need to fret. Overcoming these challenges is no brain teaser. You can easily tackle these challenges by leveraging technology and innovative marketing strategies.

Author Bio: Deepti Jain is an engineering student who has a knack for writing and is currently working at AeroLeads at the post of Content Writer.

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Jim Fowler · 30/08/2019 at 12:16

So true that the challenges are abundant, but then so are the solutions. I agree with all the biggest challenges you’ve mentioned above especially generating trafic and leads. While leads are the life blood of any business, it can be quite difficult due to competition. There are a lot of people pitching their greatest tools, business or training every day and as a marketer we should know what we are doing in order to stand out among our competitors.

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