Retaining customers’ loyalty has always been the topmost challenge of any business or brands. The Internet has increased this challenge as businesses’ online presence has continuously sprouted here and there, giving online users massive options laid on their plates conveniently.

Aside from that, tempting offers tend to disrupt the senses of every online shopper, making the competition among internet marketers very stiff.

Depending the businesses you are in, the creation of your own mobile app could definitely be a great way to outperform your competitors and boost your customers’ retention rate.

In this post, we will look through the various opportunities a mobile app could bring to your businesses and how it could help you make a difference.

Leverage Referral Opportunities

Aside from promotional sales or discounts, another interesting technique any marketer could use through mobile apps is giving “referral incentives” to new prospects and existing clients. In-app referral incentives can in fact help you promote your mobile app among new users, help you grow your community and overtake your mobile efforts. Nevertheless, an interesting aspect to keep in mind is also the fact that most users’ are always logged on their social media through the variety of apps they’ve already downloaded. Knowing this, you could definitely craft your referral incentives in order to exploit the social virality potential of your actions.

The best example is probably Nike through their Nike + application:


Connect In Real Time Through Push Notification App

Establishing connections with your target customers can be really challenging in today’s fast pace environment. Most of us are in fact always on the go and busy in our daily routine. Using an app that uses geo-target push notification allows businesses to easily relay a marketing message in real time. Messages could be your latest promos, product announcement and other exclusive offer to any prospective customer, regardless of their physical or demographic location. For example, if you are an airline company and want to enhance your customer experience, the push notification will help you transmit latest information regarding the flight, upgrade possibilities, delays, etc. This kind of mobile app will be very useful in keeping everyone informed and well-organized. As Business Insider stated in a recent article, in store retail promotions could also be revolutionized by the outcome of the Beacon technology.




Reward Client’s Loyalty Through Mobile Application

If you are thinking of a unique way to retain a client’s interest to do business with you for a long time give them in-app client loyalty privileges that they could never find anywhere else except on your website like exclusive access on your latest product catalog, freebies in the form of discounted vouchers that they could claim or loyalty discounts on their next online transaction. Keep in mind, customers will favor brands towards which they feel more appreciated and comfortable whenever they make a transaction. Keep that in mind when you create an app for your business. Another excellent example of a mobile app intended to reward clients is the Starbucks app where loyal consumers have log-in privileges on their loyalty program. Valuable customers simply get access with their accounts to track ‘points’ they have accumulated and can later claim rewards. This mobile application strategy is indeed efficient, since satisfied clients will be glad to share their personal experiences and spread the news through word-of-mouth or referrals.



Make A Difference Through Quality Content

Brands and businesses start to increase their content marketing efforts as they are conscious that providing valuable content is key to start and maintain a great customer relationship. Building a dedicated mobile app could be valuable for some businesses. Provide useful information such as latest news on what is happening around the globe and make it accessible to all app users for free. One very good example for this type of mobile application is the Red Bull App wherein they provide access to a wide range of sport-related multimedia content. Here online users can have the privilege to get latest videos, HD images gallery, games, etc. This form of mobile app strategy will not only motivate online users to keep in touch with the brand, but is does also built their strong storytelling and brand image.




 Provide Accessibility 24/7 Through Mobile App

Gone are the days wherein a client has to wait the next working day to access an information, report a problem or send a feedback. Now, through mobile apps, businesses can provide 24/7 accessibility and online support without fear of disruption and wherever the customer is located. This is indeed pure convenience and many banks have understood that and have launched their own mobile app. Below the example of Bank of America:




The introduction of mobile apps has certainly improved the way businesses communicate with their target consumers. If you have carefully assessed the overall behavior of your potential clients and current customers regarding their likes, dislikes or interests, use these ideas to create top-performing mobile applications that will cater to their growing demands and concerns.

Bring your business to the next level of success by integrating workable mobile apps that really click a client’s attention. Don’t wait too long, now is your chance to maximize your web presence and branding awareness campaign, make a mobile app and retain as many clients as you can.

Any other opportunities you’d like to highlight?

Would love to hear that 🙂

Nicolas Finet

Nicolas is a business engineer passionate about marketing. He is the co-founder of Sortlist, a platform that connects web agencies and companies.

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domain generator · 03/08/2015 at 19:26

Great tips, Nicolas! In working primarily in enterprise app builds, we’ve seen that in addition to your tips, that gamification can be a great tool for getting adoption and providing value to users. We wrote a short post on it if you’re interested. Again, great tips!

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