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How to become a guest author?

Use our request form at the end of the page to submit your content ideas. The content must be original and will be reviewed according to our quality criteria (see checklist below).

Insert a 1-2 sentence summary of your article below the title and, if possible, excerpts from articles previously written by you.

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Our editorial process

We review each idea and contact you within 5 business days if the subject is suitable.
After receiving an entire article, we take about 5-10 days to review it and verify that it meets our quality criteria. We reserve the right to reject items that do not meet our requirements.

Our Checklist

You will find below our Checklist concerning our editorial requirements. Be sure to respect each of the following criteria when you propose an article on our platform:

Download the Guest Authors Checklist in pdf

Why write for Sortlist?

We launched this guest author program to provide another opportunity for individuals to showcase their knowledge and business experience in the industry.

In addition to being published on our blog, all content can be shared in our various channels (social networks, newsletters,…). A unique opportunity to be visible among the largest community of agencies in the world.

Learn more about what we are looking for

The content we create is designed to help readers make better decisions in their business lives. We avoid that these people have to look for other sources when they read an article, our objective being to be the reference in the matter. We welcome as many details, examples and practical instructions as possible.

In our view, our articles should meet these four objectives:

  • Inform readers about the business processes, challenges, and tools of digital marketing, using examples, figures, and images.
  • Educate readers on the steps they should take to innovate and improve and grow their business.
  • Guide readers through the process of resolving pressing business challenges and making informed decisions, using clear and actionable instructions and visuals.
  • Cover a topic in an understandable way so that readers do not have to read another article before taking action.

    Content categories we particularly appreciate

  • Advertising
  • Web creation
  • Mobile development
  • Social Media
  • Newbiz Development Consulting for Agencies


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