Stigmi is a web agency specializing in e-commerce. Founded in 2006 by Vincent Vandegans and Thomas Percevaut. Stigmi uses common open-source frameworks (Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, Symphony, etc.) to build strong e-business architectures designed to maximize sales. Stigmi has also mastered multi-channel marketing techniques to generate more traffic, conversions, and profit for site owners. The agency has chosen to adopt a transparency policy about their prices to attract many growing SMEs that want to sell on the web. We sat down with founder Vincent Vandegans recently to discuss business and personal accomplishments.

What are you most proud of this year?

“Early 2014, we completed a partnership with Bpost to develop their e-commerce delivery module for PrestaShop. This partnership not only recognizes the high quality work we produce, but also puts us on the path of an exciting long-term adventure with another great company. This partnership has allowed us to meet many incredible market players of the Belgian e-commerce industry.”


Vincent Vandegans, co-founder of Stigmi with Thomas Percevaut.

What characterizes you the most?

“We are 100% specialized in e-commerce and e-business, using open-source frameworks. We use 3 technologies and we master them. This strategy results in maximizing the quality of development, consistently meeting deadlines and budgets, and exceptional rates of customer satisfaction.”

Who would be your dream customer?

“My dream customer would be an SME of 10 people, with a big annual turnover in physical sales and now wants to engage in e-commerce as a channel for additional revenue. With an ample budget, we can create high quality e-commerce websites that meet client expectations and a multi-channel marketing strategy to bring traffic and sales.”

What will be the biggest trend of 2015?

“I think mainly the use of mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) in multichannel conditions. E-commerce agencies will work on a seamless experience between the search for products on its tablet, the grip in-store with enriched information (scan QR codes and mobile), and finally purchasing on a desktop at home. Web-to-store and store-to-web are two dimensions which will blend over the maturity of e-commerce.”


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