Have you ever thought about searching something on the web without Google?
At Sortlist, we believe that Google is not the best way to search for specific things such as Digital Agencies, as it doesn’t “contextualize” your research. In other words it doesn’t take into account criteria such as your budget, the type of service you need or even the industry in which you’re doing Business.
Nevertheless, Google is not the only bad habit you have in your everyday life. There are 3 more…
Find below the 4 searching habits you should stop Right Now 😉

Call your Entire Network for Advices

With Sortlist there is no need to Call your entire network for advices. Thanks to our embed LinkedIn support, you can immediately see how you are connected with a Digital Agency and make decisions confidently.


Google is for sure one of the best Search Engine out there…but not for everything!

As long as “Google” is a generic phrase for Internet search, their dominant position is assured. That said, you can do something about it.
There are plenty of Google alternatives and many of these players offer a better search experience, depending on your needs.
For example, If you are searching for:

  • A Restaurant or a Bar? You check it out on Yelp.
  • place to stay? You think AirBnb.
  • If you’re looking for a simple way to search forums and boards, then Boardreader is for you.
  • Looking for a Digital Agency? We strongly believe Sortlist is the easiest and fastest way to find the best one!

Screen tons of Flyers

If you still screen tons of Flyer, stop it. Stop it NOW!

Search on Massive Paper Directories

Mike show us how we should manage Massive Paper Directories: Demolish them 😉

I think the message is clear now…;)


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