In a web team, the e-commerce manager is an essential pillar. Indeed, the assumption of sales and the fluctuation of the company’s turnover depend mainly on it. In this regard, the choice of the person who will occupy the position should not be made lightly. It is also necessary to take into account the skills and qualifications of each candidate in order to have the best possible e-commerce manager.

The functions

The e-commerce manager plays an important role in the web team since he is in contact with all team members, designers and developers. Its main mission is in fact to increase the sales figures, and by ricochet, the global turnover of the company which employs it.

His duties therefore require him to take important decisions in order to achieve the objectives set. In this perspective, it manages marketing levers such as natural and paid referencing, affiliations and social networks.

It must also put in place a customer loyalty strategy to motivate regular visitors to return to the site, and consequently, to make new purchases. This is important for the success of the site.

The digital strategy must also see the participation of the e-commerce manager. In short, he will have to participate in all areas that directly or indirectly affect the development of the sale of his business.

The skills of the e-commerce manager

It is common for e-commerce managers to have completed at least 4 years of business studies. It would therefore be tempting to recruit those who come out of the grandes écoles. Be aware however that although interesting, such choices should not be made in a systematic way since a web team leader who has accumulated a course in business and IT is just as beneficial to society.

The qualities required

As mentioned above, having business school diplomas is not necessarily a determining criterion in the recruitment of an e-commerce manager. Certain qualities must therefore be taken into account, because the job of e-commerce manager is among the most complex in a web team. The person occupying the position must therefore be aware of his or her responsibilities and be versatile. Indeed, to be able to make decisions, it is important that the e-commerce manager has rigour, creativity and method. In addition, these qualities must be cumulative to truly boost the company’s sales.

A good strategist would also be welcome since the manager will also be required to develop a strategy to optimize sales. This is not all, because he will also have to have a relational ease when dealing with potential customers and prospects.

This last point is very important since the commercial relations will condition the sales on the site. A permanent contact with customers is also to be expected to retain these first and improve the site in general.



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