Meeting with Prospects: An Agency’s Preparation Guide3 min




These are three of the positive, seemingly magical phrases that agencies love to hear from a hard-earned lead.

You’ve done a lot of the work. Your small-medium marketing agency has piqued the interest of a potential client. Being a marketing company, you know what it takes to get your business noticed — newsletters are written and queued, blog posts are engaging, social media platforms are active and your branding is authentic. Your agency has attracted a prospect with a specific goal in mind, and they want YOU to help them reach it.

The opportunity to present yourself to the potential client has been scheduled in your calendar as a first meeting. According the data at Sortlist (a platform with over 3,000 searches per month, connecting marketers to agencies all over the globe), a trend lay within clients looking specifically for agile agencies who can balance both their technical and creative skills. Knowing that agility is one of the most sought-out traits for agencies to embody in today’s business environment, you’ll want to make sure you execute this first meeting as powerfully as possible.

The thought of securing a meeting with a prospect can be both exciting and nerve-racking, but taking the right steps to prepare will alleviate a significant amount of stress. Your agency has done great so far, but the partnership is not complete. The preparation does not stop once that first meeting is scheduled — it is important to assemble yourself in the time leading up to the meeting for the best possible outcome. You will need to follow several steps: dabble in some self assessment, conduct your research, consider curiosities, and finally, decide on your goal.

Meet your Guide!

Generating a lead is a lot of hard work. It means that you’ve cultivated enough interest in your business for people to want to reach out, with the end goal of working together. Your leads see something valuable in what you have to offer — which is something to be very proud of — but your mission isn’t over yet.

Think about the Pareto Principle, the law of the vital few, also known as the 80/20 rule. You and your team have already done 80% of the work. Everything from your marketing efforts to your business plan have consumed this 80% workload and you’re in the home stretch by securing a meeting with a prospect. However, this measly leftover 20% is anything but that. It’s actually the most important part of your endeavour. Without executing that last 20% successfully, the other 80% of work is lost respectively. You need to focus — now more than ever — to secure that last percentage and turn it all into a 100% success. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Knowing and following through on preparation are two different things.

  1. What exactly does preparation entail?
  2. How do you know when you are fully prepared?

Following practical steps can be extremely helpful to make sure your training is well-rounded.

The aim of this guide is to provide a pragmatic outline on what needs to be done in order to be fully poised and ready for your meeting. As you go through each step, you’ll be introduced to several questions to answer, and you’ll receive an explanation as to why each part matters.

Many businesses make the mistake of pushing for contact with their leads, only to realize they have no clue what to do next. Now that you know you have to put the extra work in to close the customer, you are aware of the attitude needed to complete this guide. Give each step your full effort. By acquiring this outline, you have already made the first step of acknowledging that this last 20% — the vital few — really needs your all.

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