As marketer or business owner we have all faced some trouble establishing and managing the working relationship among our team. Managers fail every day as a result of not being agile enough to respond to the needs of the company and their employees. That can lead to a loss of productivity.

Spotify has already learned how to scale up and stay agile. Their autonomy proves that no coercion is needed.
Are you aiming to implement agile methods among your organization? Follow these following steps to become the “Spotify of the Marketing and Adversting Industry”

1. Create Squads (Small & Autonomous teams)

Spotify has been able to scale up by creating squads. This has allowed them to break up their business into smaller clusters and they run each one like its own startup. With over 30 squads that include more than 250 people, they are able to spread out and do more – all while maintaining autonomy so they don’t have to wait on the decisions of others. This allows forthem to be more agile.

2. Build an Invisible Culture

They have an invisible culture that everyone understands. They have rules, but know that sometimes the rules need to be broken. Theyfocus on being agile and that is what allows them to reach success and theautonomy means that each squad decides what needs to be done and how to do it,with some basic rules surrounding it.

3. Optimize your Offices for Collaboration

The offices in Spotify are designed for collaboration. All of the desks are without borders, allowing people to turn around and talkto each other. Additionally, there is a boardroom area to get together and share ideas and a huddle area as well. All of this helps improve the level ofcommunication among the team.

4. Minimize HandOffs

Since the autonomy allows the groups to make their own decisions, they are not bogged down by waiting for decisions to come down from management. The collaboration is good enough for the company to allow the“squad” to proceed. When there is less to be handed off, it allows the squad to continue forward and this is a big part of the culture at Spotify.

5. Be a Good Citizen

Within each of the squads or teams of the company, they have missions and projects they must work on from management. However, they are also responsible for meeting objectives and using good communication with theother squads. This translates to being a good citizen. 

6. Enhance SelfAwareness

When self-awareness is raised, it allows for individuals to be leaders within the team environment. They can be more responsive to the needs of customers and focus on their strengths as opposed to their weaknesses. Particularly within the team environment, there will be less fear of sharing marketing ideas and communicating.

7. Adopt a Customer-centric approach

The customer needs to be at the center of the marketing strategy and this involves a considerable amount of management because theneeds of the customer are always changing. It therefore involves everyone to beaware of trends and communicating with customers as well as other squads orgroups.
Check out this video to have more insight on the Spotify Agile Methods:


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