DoubleDouble is an audiovisual agency founded in 2008 by Laurent Jadot and Laurent Stine, that tells stories with movie clips and motion design. Their films are often human-centered and shot with spontaneity. They always take the form of stories, most of the time featuring real people rather than actors. DoubleDouble also has a portfolio of motion design clips executed for internal and external communications of big companies such as Belgacom, Solvay, Electrabel. Here’s a little talk with Laurent Jadot…

What characterizes you the most?

“We produce films, animations and interactive experiences, but we don’t limit ourselves to production. We support our clients in their upstream thinking. Each time, we soak the identity and culture of our clients up and imaginatively create stories that convey emotion. Humans are also often at the heart of the stories we tell. We give a voice to the employees themselves; they are the best people to talk about their business. No text is learned by heart; rather, true stories are told in a conversational tone and filmed naturally. What stimulates us is the storytelling. We create stories that foster sharing and spread.”


What are you most proud of this year?

“At the request of Air Brussels, we have just completed the production of a series of 15 films “Forging an appetizer” for the Leffe brand in Belgium and France. The idea was to combine their beers with local products (cheese and ham) in order to find the perfect combination for an appetizer. The challenge was to be able to create contemporary films while transmitting the authenticity of the traditional products and the complicity between the ambassador and the artisan. For this, we developed an audiovisual bible and worked on the spontaneity of the characters, on the image setting, on the light, on the music, etc. The customer was very happy with the result. Films were broadcast on social networks during a great campaign, as well as on the television on RTL-TVi and VTM.”

Who would be your dream customer?

“A client who has the audacity to think outside of the box and who trusts us to follow him.”


What will be the biggest trend of 2015?

“The audiovisual communication on social media will continue to intensify. I think about the new video offers of Facebook for advertisers but also about videos on Instagram, Twitter or Vine. This is an extraordinary opportunity for companies and institutions; they can reach much closer and more meaningful dialogue with their employees. We have already developed a lot of projects designed specifically to foster sharing and discussion on social media, including cross-media campaigns combining the power of audiovisual language with the visibility of internet. I think this trend will further intensify.”


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