creaxial is an online marketing agency founded in 2001 by Nicolas Bataille. It specializes in web creation and online advertising. It borrows from cross-media marketing with its own touch of fun and virality. Creaxial covers the whole digital scope, and does it well, for some big companie such as Belgacom, Spa and Velux. Let’s have a talk with Nicolas Bataille.

What are you most proud of this year?

We created, a national action to Belgacom (now Proximus) as part of the FIFA World Cup. Visitors would come to our app (mobile and desktop) to create their own album remembering the World Cup. Guests would load their photos, customize them and then would receive a quality printed photo album at the end of the World Cup. The complete results of the matches were automatically included in the album. A virtual version of the album was also one click away from being shareable online in social networks.

What is your brand?

Right price, Fast moving & Sparkling spirit.
Our prices are fair compared to the quality that we offer. We always react faster than the market average (according to our customers). And finally, in everything we produce, we are always happy to incorporate a “Nice to Have” element that sets us apart. We never limit ourselves to what is expected from us. We enjoy surprising our customers prior to surprising their own customers.

Who is your ideal client?

Trick question 😉
I would say Belgacom, Spa or Velux. The reason being that for such large accounts, we can produce digital works that covers all of our technical, strategic and creative skills.
Other than that, we are very (very)proud of our projects to promote Cross Media Cinema films produced in Belgium (through the Wallimage fund). We are free and responsible of our projects in all aspects. The results have always been there. We’re kind of our own client in these cases, with accountability to the region and the producers. But we feel the complete trust when they decide to give us this kind of digital promotion of Cross Media.
Here is a good example of what we’ve done last year to promote the movie L’Ecume des Jours in France and Belgium:

What will be the big trend of 2015?

Brands will, I think, gradually be leaving Facebook, except perhaps to use the medium as a tool for Customer Support & as a media.
Mobile will take lead on the digital strategies.
E-commerce websites of various sizes will flourish everywhere.


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