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Why target “everyone else” when retargeting is so effective?

Why target “everyone else” when retargeting is so effective?

Retargeting is like the “cool” guy in High School. You know the one: tall, leather jacket, motorcycle, dark sunglasses … you know, the one who got all the ladies… we all knew one at some point.

But if Mr. Cool-Guy Retargeting gets all the ladies (a.k.a. Leads/Conversions) and attention, what is so important about his buddy the Geeky Prospecting Guy? The one not hanging out with the in-crowd who have all been to your website, but instead chills with the ones who haven’t been there at all.

If Geeky Prospecting Guy only has a chance with a small percentage of ladies in comparison to Mr. Cool-Guy Retargeting, is he really important at all? YES, but he needs to be efficient.

Prospecting is Retargeting’s #1 fan. Even though he only ends up with a fraction of the leads, he loves helping Retargeting out. Prospecting is doing all the grunge work: seeking out the most interesting of “everyone else”, whispering in their ear and telling them where to go.

Retargeting is the one who swoops in on them with his charm and keeps their attention (until they convert anyway which is when Retargeting usually dumps them). Without an efficient Prospecting buddy, Retargeting is unemployed, no one or few to go after. So how can we keep Prospecting fit and healthy to do its job in the best way possible? We’ll tell you…

Put Geeky Prospecting Guy to Work

The easy thing to do is to go to Prospecting and simply say “GO! Find me some new people”, cross your fingers and hope that’s enough and works. In today’s internet driven world it is easy to do this without much effort, especially with Open Auction type buying methods. With a budget, a maximum bid and limited other instruction, prospecting has the freedom to go broad and whisper to as many internet users as he wants. This, as you can already imagine, is not at all efficient. It’s the same as having Geeky Prospecting Guy go running through the streets throwing flyers at everyone…annoying and messy in our opinion. More importantly, Mr. Cool-Guy Retargeting would likely not be happy with the quality he has to choose from. Retargeting can go after anyone who’s been to his site, but that doesn’t mean he’ll have a fun time finding the converters in this scenario. Getting Prospecting warmed up and working efficiently right from the beginning of a campaign, will keep Retargeting happy and efficient as well.

Go for the clickers

Make use of not just the Geeky Prospecting Guy, but also the Math Geek Prospecting Guy and tell Prospecting to analyse based on historical data towards the interested users (a.k.a. clickers). This way instead of running through the streets like a crazy person, he will have to use his brain, pay attention to what is working and what is not. Based on response rates, he will figure out what characteristics likely hold the interested and only whisper in their ears. Using methods such as these is a good way to guarantee click traffic to your site. Combining it with other strategies or with additional optimizations gives the best of both worlds, narrowing in on the best of the best. It is in the quality clickers that we find the converters after all.

Help Retargeting Out and Focus

The internet is a big place and easy to get lost in. Since you know the product or service best, give Prospecting a running start by directing him to where the target audience most likely is. Running a campaign for an airline? Go to travel sites. Running a campaign for a car dealer? Go to automotive sites. Is your target audience mostly women? Go to feminine sites. Users on sites containing content related to your product or service are users already expressing interest, you just have to whisper in their ear. If this is where your target audience is, this is where a good chunk of your prospecting budget should be. It has been proven time and time again in all kinds of digital campaigns, that content relevant sites produce some of the best results in terms of click through traffic and leads.

Let’s face it though, not all campaigns are that easily placed. Some target audiences are a little bit of this and a little bit of that or something totally out there and extremely niche. In these cases, your best bet is to make an educated guess based on what you know about the target audience. Run a few different prospecting campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

The broader you make your Prospecting campaign, the more important it is to optimize during the campaign to wiggle in and find that comfy spot. The more you can narrow them the better your results will be from the start. No matter how broad or narrow they are to start, Prospecting will be healthier if you continue to direct him as results come in. By focusing your efforts in Prospecting, you are sending quality users towards Retargeting; which means Retargeting is also automatically more focused and can more easily convert.

Step it up a Notch – Go 5-Star Local

Open Auction campaigns gives you access to the world. It gives you a chance to discover (new) sites where your audiences are, which may not have been top of mind. Want to be present on internationally known sites, but only for those users within your country or region? No problem. The options are unlimited. For some campaigns however it is necessary to access premium local sites and placements, you know: the bleachers on the football field, that tree in the city park, the pub around the corner, … the popular hangout spots. It is possible to not only be present in that park or pub, but it is also possible to get right up and personal with the Cool kids, to the most important spot in the whole park. Guaranteeing that you get that one good spot is important for some campaigns; especially when branding and brand awareness play a big part in it. Setting a piece of your budget aside for these spots can have a big impact on your campaign on a whole. If it is exactly what your campaign needs, it is worth the extra cost.


Target audiences are not all bunched up in one spot. A chunk of them might be, but some important ones might be hanging out somewhere else. The best Prospecting campaign isn’t just focusing on one, but multiple targets. Combining several specifically targeted Prospecting campaigns can give you a chance to still narrow in on the quality users you need for Retargeting to do its thing. But also gives you a chance later to adjust towards the best.

The moral of the story: even though Prospecting doesn’t usually get many conversions, it plays a very important role in the conversion process. By making sure there is a flow of new users to the site, retargeting can stop going after the same old users and move on to some fresh new blood. That being said, sending just any user to the site is also not the best way to go. Make Retargeting’s life a bit easier and send only the most interested to the site. Don’t waste your time and resources screaming for attention from users who are never going to listen anyways.

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