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What future for advertising agencies ?

What future for advertising agencies ?

Quora is a wonderful source of quality content: John-Charles Hewitt and Jeff Miller give their opinion about the future af ad agencies. Find the complete post here.

3 points to remember according to Sortlist:

#1 – The main tendency for agencies is hyper-specialization: the market will be more and more fragmented. The marketers will want to establish a real relationship with their agency, not because it can “do it all”, but because it is specialized in a very specific service
#2 –  A future not so different from the past… : amongst time, agencies felt the need to constantly adapt and adopt new technologies. This stays true for the future… The ones that will adapt best and fastest to new technologies will get out of there as winners.
#3 – The industry evolved from an Outbound Marketing Model to a Inbound Marketing model: in other words, advertising (outbound marketing) corresponds to a one-way way of communicating, and it doesn’t answer the necessity of establishing a dialogue with the customer. Advertising has to evolve in order to grow into a bilateral communicative model.

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