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3 Reasons Why You do Need Netflix Recommendation for your Agency Search and Selection

3 Reasons Why You do Need Netflix Recommendation for your Agency Search and Selection

In today’s world, everybody knows Netflix. Or at least have heard of it. It’s a fact.

Netflix has become one of the most used platforms to watch movies at home. Most of your friends use it, and you probably use it too!

People love Netflix for some reasons: First, it’s obviously easy to use! Second, Netflix possess a great movie recommendations system. Based on an impressive algorithm, it will help you decide which movie suits you the best.

You get it. With Netflix, you say no to these endless film decision-making sessions with friends!

This leading to my point: Why such a system shouldn’t exist for your agency search? Using a system like Netflix’s one is now necessary to help you boost your business! Here are three reasons why:

1. Bring Agency Search and Selection from Month to Minutes


This is the most obvious one. And yet it is necessary to recall it to you!

As previously mentioned, Netflix, through a powerful algorithm helps you save time while looking for a movie. The company estimates that 75% of viewer activity is driven by movie recommendation!

You base most of your movie choices on recommendation. Why shouldn’t you do the same for your agency search?

2. Get the best recommendation to choose your agency with confidence


Have you ever wondered how is Netflix so good at advising you movies?

The reality is that Netflix is a data-driven company. Its entire recommendation system is based on numerous data. They analyze everything and probably know you way better than you think!

For instance, even if you’ve rated Schindler’s list with 5 stars, they won’t propose you to watch a movie like this at 8.00 p.m. when you come home from work! They know you and your lifestyle.

Use the same principle for your agency search! Offer your trust to a similar algorithm as Netflix’s one. You’ll see the results quite fast! Just as Netflix does, the more they’ll know you, the better they’ll advise you. Let them read between the lines and get the best for your business! It is essential!

3. Bring the reputation economy to the B2B world

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That’s Netflix’s weakness. People tend to rate way better interesting and cultural movies. They’ll be more likely to give only two stars to a romantic comedy for example as it is bad for their image to show they enjoyed it. But fact is that people coming home from work don’t want to watch serious movie. They enjoy stupid ones every once in a while! This is why Netflix also recommends 2 or 3 stars rated movies. They have hundreds of people reading between the lines and checking whether it would or not fit someone’s needs.

It’s again, the same problem with agency search. Depending on your needs, you’ll find that an agency was awesome, or really bad at their work. That’s because you probably didn’t selected the proper agency. This is where a great algorithm would help you! It’ll depict your needs and present you the agency that fits your wishes, depending on a previous similar briefing.

You get it now. You shouldn’t waste time on agency search for many reasons. First, it’s time consuming and you have a lot of other things to do! Second, you won’t get the best results for you. And third, you will perhaps have to work with an agency that doesn’t match your needs!

What are you waiting for? Hand the task to someone else that would give you the appropriate solution!

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