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5 Unusual Techniques To Make Your Content Go Viral Through Social Media

5 Unusual Techniques To Make Your Content Go Viral Through Social Media

Content creation could seriously increase your business’ online visibility (and sales!).

Most marketers think writing quality content is enough… they are wrong.

It surely is a good start but it won’t help you create viral effect and spread your message to your targeted audience.

While there is no such thing as a “virality recipe”, there are elements that can easily be implemented and that could help you boost online publications.

This article will highlight some of these elements and will be mostly focus on leveraging social media channels.

Technique #1: Implement social media sharing buttons

Make every online experience of your target audience easy and more “share-oriented”. Implementing social media sharing button directly on your content could have a non-negligible impact on your virality. Do not waste “the” moment when your visitors will have the idea to share your content! Aside from that, you can also use these sharing buttons as tracking tools and check directly in your analytics which buttons get more usage. As a matter of fact, as described in a great article from Search Engine Journal (http://www.searchenginejournal.com/too-many-social-media-sharing-buttons-make-your-site-less-social/48240/), you should always measure which buttons are working and avoid to give your visitors too much social sharing choice.

If you want to boost your blog posts, I would truly encourage you to implement DiggDigg. Developped by Buffer, it has helped them promote their awesome social media tool:


BONUS: Download here the step-by-step ultimate checklist that will show you how to create viral content.

Technique #2 – Add links, cite or interview persons with social authority

Sometimes, adding links to the websites where you have taken valuable ideas or information can make a difference on your blog’s credibility, especially if that source link is coming from a well-known website or personality. You can also cite or interview a famous person with authority like a reputable blogger to gain more approval and increase social media sharing. Keep in mind, your effort of sharing somebody’s work is an effective way to get a fair share of the number of loyal followers they already have. Who knows at the end of the day, you will be amazed this action have already covered a bigger percentage of new relevant leads who will later become your followers.

If you have trouble finding the right persons to interview or mention on Twitter, Follower Wonk could be your best buddy! As a matter of fact, in a few click you can find people based on factors like “description” or “locations” and rank them according to Follower Wonk’s Social Authority score.

 Technique #3 – Leverage “Pay with a Tweet”

Nowadays, nothing is free. If you want to increase the number of online users who would be interested to share your blogs through their social media accounts, offering freebies could be a great idea. For example, you could encourage more email subscribers by giving free samples, downloadable resources (i.e. eBook) or useful resource materials.

“Pay with a Tweet” or “Social locker” plugin tools offer great ways to enhance virality. As Mike King explained in a presentation, this technique has helped him to boost the traffic to his agency website  and brought him more business. To explain it shortly, these plugins work like this: you publish great freebies and potential reader that want to get access to it must unlock it, either by liking it on Facebook, sharing with a Tweet or pinning it on Pinterest or sharing on LinkedIn. Adding restrictions to your valuable contents can increase social media activity because you are trying to create curiosity among your visitors have the privileges to discover what’s really in store for them.


Technique #4 – Use clear and interesting images

Relevant or interesting images can already depict the story behind a particular blog post or article. In today’s fast paced environment, capturing a target reader’s attention can be quite tough. Studies have proven that using relevant photos on the content you publish raises your odds of being liked and shared on social networks.

impact image virality

Technique #5 – Pre-compose catchy tweets

Another way to promote your content and drive more interaction is by composing well-thought or catchy tweets that could spice a target reader’s interest to read your blog and share it. We have tried it on our blog in this article about digital customers trends and have had nice results as it reduces readers’ friction to share content. Cymi technology has developed a nice tool to help you in that matter. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t exceed 140 characters 🙂


As a conclusion in order to chase their “virality dream”, marketers need to think beyond the production of great content. The journey doesn’t stop there and social media could be a great way to boost virality.

I would thus strongly encourage you to give the above steps a test drive and discover for yourself and would love to discover your ways to virality 🙂

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