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Is technology on marketer’s wish list for 2016?

Is technology on marketer’s wish list for 2016?

A new year, new resolutions. At The House of Marketing we are wondering whether or not marketers added MarTech to their Christmas wish list. That is why the main topic of our Yearly Marketing Survey 2016 is marketing automation. For the 13th time The House of Marketing predicts the marketing trends and inspires marketers to find the right focus in the volatile Belgian marketing world. This year we collaborated with Bloovi and Sortlist for the survey.

The explosion of data in combination with the “always on” mentality and the culture of instant gratification functions as a catalyst for hundreds of micro-moments. The whole customer journey is nowadays driven by real-time intent-driven moments. During this holiday season when we are looking for the perfect gift, how many times do we search on our smartphone for a nearby shop or extra information or do we make an instant price comparison? It is clear, we want information when and where we want it…immediately.

Only the marketers who can react on the “now”, with personalized messages and taking into account the context, will survive. That is where marketing automation comes into play.

At The House of Marketing marketing automation refers to a software ecosystem that enhances experiences to create business impact. For the customer this means personalized messages at the right moment, via the right device and at the right place. For the marketer the use of marketing automation improves efficiency, enables the understanding of customers and ties marketing activities to business results. How much easier would it be if you as a marketer could already predict for which Christmas present a specific customer is looking?

Forbes states that only 10% of companies uses marketing automation. It shows that marketers still underestimate the potential. We are curious to know if Belgian marketers are already setting up automated scenarios to attract leads and to convert them into customers. The Yearly Marketing Survey will definitely give us an answer to this question.

While underestimating the potential, our clients are often overestimating the difficulty to implement marketing automation. Like holiday shoppers are always trying to find an excuse why they are searching last minute for presents, marketers try to hide behind the legacy of existing IT systems whilst in reality they are often afraid of change.

Of course it takes more than technology to make hyper personalization effective. The most important remains the consumer and the human aspect. In contrast to purely technology driven companies, The House of Marketing always starts with a customer-focused marketing strategy. Technology is only an enabler to add value to the customer experience, taking into account behavioral data, context and intent.

We believe in tackling marketing automation in a lean way. With a pragmatic roadmap we always advice our clients to think big, start small and scale fast. Testing, learning and adjusting leads very fast to first successes, comparable to the moment you find the first perfect gift and you are motivated to pursue your journey.

In our opinion marketers who embrace technology are better prepared to meet the demands of the self-empowered consumer and to create real impact. So we would suggest to write your New Year Letter:

Dear management, as New Year is approaching I am looking forward to the many projects lined up next year, which I will take up with the same dedication. However, my life as a marketer would become so much easier if we could start implementing marketing automation in our company. Christmas is the season of giving. If we would decide to use marketing automation, this would also be kind of a gift for the customers: we can offer them relevant and value-based experiences by leveraging the power of marketing automation. Let’s start 2016 with this good resolution!

Is marketing automation indeed on the wish list of Belgian marketers? Will many companies give the ultimate technology gift to their employees in 2016? Let’s find out together! Complete the Yearly Marketing Survey and be the first to receive the results. The House of Marketing wishes you a successful 2016, driven by marketing automation…

Karolien Vanhelden

Karolien Vanhelden

Marketing Manager
The House of Marketing

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