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Building Creative and Talented Teams: Why and How to Pair People Up 

Building Creative and Talented Teams: Why and How to Pair People Up 

Ever wondered whether you were better off working alone or in a team? Have you ever had to pair people up to work together and had no idea how to do so?

Let us help you! We have the answers for you.

Why pairing with talented teams is a necessity to achieve your business goals

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Henry Ford once said

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success

…He could not have been more right.

To make ideas happen, a person needs the available resources around her. Even if one’s a solo worker, the ideas he’ll get will surely come from the influence of others. The people that surround us influence us.

But working in a team doesn’t only improve one’s creativity. It boosts the whole team! Here are some reasons why:

  • As often said, “the sum is greater than the parts”.
  • Less hierarchy makes it easier to communicate and create.
  • It involves a greater responsibility as one doesn’t want to disappoint others.
  • Fosters flexibility: one has to get along with his team.
  • Pleases customers who enjoy working with teams. The customer sometimes even loves being part of the team!
  • It promotes one’s sense of achievement, and develops the spirit of camaraderie. This obviously improves your workers’ motivation as they crave for great co-workers’ relationships!

But how should you pair your teams? Well, here’s a secret. A thought you definitely need to take into consideration. The best working pair you could create is the following:

A baby boomer and millennial couple/team!

Much has been written over those two opposite generations. Always stereotyping, and always kind of true as well, even though much exaggerated. But the truth is that, if given the proper environment, those two generations will work perfectly together.

Imagine that. What if the boomers used the skills, knowledge and wisdom they’ve gained for decades? What if millennials really were idealistic, tech-savy, dynamics and inventively audacious? Well those two, side by side, would be working incredibly.


You don’t even have to imagine it. Just do it! Pair those two together and see the results. Each of them has tons to learn from the other. They both have different needs and wishes. And they also have so much to offer to the other!

Millennials and boomers, influencing each other in a team

  • Millennials own potential. Fresh in the working world, they aren’t scared of failing yet. They don’t know what doesn’t work. They dare to open their mouth, and would work for hours, intensively, if well motivated. They are “digital natives” and jungle with technology. But they need mentors who could guide them.
  • Boomers own experience. They’ve learned so much and know what works. They inherited wisdom throughout the years. But they are at war with some technologies and don’t know what can be achieved with those. They want to pass along their experience and the things they’ve learned.

Isn’t it obvious? It definitely is the best creative combination.

How to structure this type of team to get a powerful resource

Here are some aspects that you need to consider to make the team work:

  • Communication is the key! Make they communicate about everything, especially in case of a difficult situation!
  • What matters is the goal, not the process. Always keep in mind that they’ll have different ways of working. It won’t always fit. But it doesn’t matter, as long as they create great things.
  • Abolish age hierarchy. They are equals and both learn from one another. They work together in order to achieve the same objective.
  • Invite them to share. The boomer should share his perspective based on his experience. He should also help the millennial to overcome his weaknesses. He should be the “voice of wisdom”. The millennial should teach the boomer about technologies and everything new that he’s aware of. He should dare more and invite his teammate to do the same.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and make the best working teams! Your business will grow and your employees will improve their skills! What could be better?

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