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8 Project Management Tools to Run a Lean Digital Marketing Agency

8 Project Management Tools to Run a Lean Digital Marketing Agency

You are a marketing Agency and you are searching for an amazing project management tool?

I guess it is your lucky day, you found the right Blog post!

Nowadays, managing a project can be facilitated by having quick access to tools and other effective solutions. Remember, the entire success of any project doesn’t only rely on your management skills or your team members’ full cooperation, but also on tools that will contribute to the better output of your project at the end of the day.

I’m sharing with you these 8 online tools that will surely make any of your projects run smoothly.



Asana is ideal for any internal project management assignment you have in mind. It is an efficient management solution available online that you and your team members could use and update with one another as you assign new tasks, create tags or even leave comments for anyone in the team.


Here you can track all your projects, resource materials and team members in one platform because you have full access on who views each project and who sees one another.

BaseCamp is regarded as another useful project management application that you can get online for a minimal monthly plan starting for a slow as $20/monthfor 10 projects and unlimited users.

In fact you use this app to view each member’s schedule using one calendar while at the same time integrate everything you need with other third party applications for mobile devices, accounting to synchronized reporting and a lot more.


This collaborative tool is widely used for sharing visual ideas because it provides users centralized whiteboards. Another amazing feature of Conceptboard is its live location where the team manager can view precisely the location team members on the board and which part of the screen are they viewing at the moment. Conceptboard can work efficiently with Word, excel, PDF files, Photoshop and Google Drive. A more enhanced collaboration can be experienced with Conceptboard through the availability of chat, live video and voice features.


If you are looking for a task management tool that is also availablefor mobile users like IOS at a reasonable monthly plan, then consider the taskmanagement tool called “Flow”. This tool offers real-time collaboration features where you can track projects, deadlines, tasks and discussions through one centralized environment.

5.Google Drive

Free, easy to use, flexible,… We guess it is one of the most used tools on the web.
How can you get the most our from using this tool? You can share spreadsheets, documents, web presentations, emails and even storage space among your team members.


Podio is the online work platform. Manage, share, and get your work done smarter together with tools that work like you. Free for 10 Users.

Podio allows the user to create your own structure for your projects and the layout you wish to present your content through their wide range of work applications.


Producteev is a mobile-friendly application where you can track as many projects as you can handle, coordinate with any team member, delegate tasks, create due dates, add tags, labels and notes, monitor progress and measure the final outcome. Rest assured with Producteev, each member of thegroup you managed is fully aware of the activity up to the last minute while you get the latest update on any task done.


Management tools

My final suggestion for any project team lead or project manager who wants a top performing collaboration tool that isn’t expensive is the Teambox. Why? This online tool gives you complete access to share tasks, discussions and files. You can easily track your team and any project through a workload view, milestone calendar and streamlined charting. Teambox can be integrated with other programs like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive for your convenience.



Managing several projects at one time could be quite challenging, especially if you have to work with individuals coming from any parts of the globe, but if you know how to maximize your time, organize your team and have enough knowledge on how to use various online tools, devices and other management solutions that will increase your team’sproductivity level, then, I’m sure you can finish any project in time and with favorable results.

There are also other concerns that you need to focus like the way you communicate with your team members. Make them feel vital in any task assigned to them and make sure you are all viewing the same page when you conduct your meetings, online chats and other methods of communication.

Keep in mind the success of one is the success of everybody, so make an effort that vision is imprinted in the minds of each member. Find out which of these eight online tools will work best on you and budget, then, choose the one that will make you a better project manager and lead more projects in the future.

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