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5 Tips to Optimize your Agency Profile on Sortlist (SEO)

5 Tips to Optimize your Agency Profile on Sortlist (SEO)

When SEO = Sortlist Engine Optimization… 😉

In order to improve the way you appear in the Sortlist search engine, you should first understand your relevance index and perceive the philosophy behind Sortlist.

Sortlist ranks agencies to help marketing managers find the communication or marketing agency that fits their needs, budget, and/or localisation.

The relevance index is the Sortlist algorithm called Diane; its objective is to give the most relevant & qualitative results to users. Qualitative results on Sortlist are considered as up-to-date and completed information. We have decided therefore to reward active agencies with relevant, completed, and fresh content.

Here are the 5 elements you must be aware of:

1.    Verify your agency

To get started with your attractiveness score, you should first verify your agency profile in order to directly get extra points. To do so, check out if your agency is already on the website with our agency claim page.

If your agency is already claimed on Sortlist:

1) Sign in with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google or E-mail

2) Click on the icon on the upper right of the page, while you’re connected (see the image here below).
Capture d’écran 2015-05-13 à 10.50.27

How to Edit my profile?

Capture d’écran 2015-05-13 à 11.06.54

Now that you know how to edit your profile, let’s see how to optimize it 🙂

2.   Carefully choose your core Services

The services chosen are essential on Sortlist. In fact, if you haven’t selected any services you will not rank properly.

To get smarter results for our users, Sortlist give better ranking to specialized agencies.

If you want to rank extremely well on a specific segment, we advise you to analyse your competitors and select your services sparingly!

3.    Publish your best Works

To show your visitors what your agency is good at, you can import customers’ cases. Definitely a great way to show your amazing and fresh work, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and generate more qualified leads on your agency’s profile. The number of cases attached to your services influence the weight of your rank in the search. Moreover, it will bring you value and trust to your agency’s visitors. Therefore, do not underestimate them!

You can easily add or edit customer cases on your agency profile by clicking on “Add a campaign”. Add your cases (image, YouTube, or Vimeo), fulfill the form and…it’s done!

4.    Get clients’ Endorsements and Reviews

A good selling pitch can persuade leads to trust you, but what is better than being recommended by your existing clients?

In fact, “Great testimonials tell people that your product or service is not only legit, but awesome enough that other people are seeing great results from it.”

Agencies with greater endorsements and reviews gain extra weight in the search and, as a matter of fact, get a greater relevance index.

ReviewsAsk your clients for reviews and testimonials. You will be directly rewarded for it ;).

5.    Refresh your content 

Fresh content influences your ranking on Sortlist because we are convinced that an agency that worked a long time ago with a client is not anymore legit in regards to the current client’s agency.

Don’t lie to yourself. Speak to your audience and the type of leads you are working for. You will be rewarded for it and get much more trust and credibility.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or questions 😉

Happy Sortlisting,
The Sortlist team

About Andrea Balducci

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