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3 Reasons Why The Best Marketer of 2010 Loves Sortlist

3 Reasons Why The Best Marketer of 2010 Loves Sortlist

Nicolas Lambert, who was Marketing Director at Alken-Maes Brewery (2007-2011), is currently working as a Marketing Strategy Advisor at Darwin BBDO. He is known for one of the most original guerilla campaigns: the “crate swap”. Alken-Maes invited Belgians to put an empty crate behind their window and Alken-Maes gave them a full Maes crate in return (he won a Effie Gold 2010 for this campaign). He has also been awarded as Marketeer of the Year in 2010 (Trends-STIMA)

Marketers get lost when searching and selecting agencies in this fast-growing digital environment. Mainly because there are a huge amount of service providers and there is a lack of transparency… Nicolas thinks Sortlist brings an innovative solution to these problems as it allows to:

Classify and compare its marketing strategic partners

Thanks to “MySortlist” feature, Nicolas can easily search and classify the Agencies that fit his needs. And by knowing the marketer business sector and the size of its company allow Sortlist to be relevant every time you are looking for a specific type of agency or campaign.

Searching rapidly and with confidence through the recommendation and feedback system.

networkYou don’t need to take your phone and call all your contacts to get recommendations anymore… Thanks to the Linkedin integration, you are able to see how your own professional network relates to people working in the agency. You are able to get in touch with them and easily put your network to work!

Discover new and talented Agencies to collaborate with.

campaignsSortlist is a great tool to use for Nicolas when he wants to discover and get to know creative and talented agencies that he wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. For example you can easily browse through the campaigns and works of these agencies in order to see what they are capable of or to simply have some source of inspiration

Ready to meet the most talented agencies?

Go on Sortlist and start by signing up to select and find digital agencies that fit your needs.

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